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Every step leads you closer to complete relaxation.

Embark on a Journey to Tranquil Bliss: Unveiling the Secrets of Thermal Serenity

Welcome to the gateway of ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation. To unlock the full spectrum of benefits offered by our extraordinary thermotherapy, follow these three mesmerizing steps. You’re invited to repeat these cycles at your leisure, though three cycles often weave the tapestry of complete serenity. With each iteration, your body dances to the rhythm of delightful temperature transitions, leading you to an unmatched state of relaxation.

Prepare yourself for this exquisite experience with utmost care
  • initiate your journey with an indulgent, warm shower, and luxuriate in a thorough drying.
  • Stay impeccably hydrated throughout your thermal voyage.
  • Savor a light meal and abstain from alcohol in the hours leading up to your journey.
  • Shed all traces of jewelry and metal, ensuring a secure and comfortable experience.
  • Above all, heed your body’s cues and take a pause if you ever feel a whisper of lightheadedness.

Step 1 - Heat

Now, embrace the beginning of your adventure! Wrap yourself in a plush, inviting towel and step into our sanctuary of saunas. 

Allow the comforting warmth to envelop your senses as you find your perfect haven. 

Remember, the higher you ascend, the more intense the heat becomes. As your body gracefully responds by sweating to maintain its 37°C equilibrium, your blood vessels and pores expand, ushering out toxins and tension. 

This blissful phase is designed to last for approximately 15–20 minutes.

Heat 15-20 minutes

thermotherapy heat
thermotherapy cold

Step 2 - Cold

Prepare to awaken your senses and invigorate your spirit. Take a plunge into our refreshing, cool pools, immersing yourself up to your shoulders or beyond for a minimum of 15 seconds.

The crisp temperature contrast will rejuvenate your skin, promptly closing pores and ushering in heightened blood circulation and adrenaline levels.

Cold 15-20 seconds

Step 3 - Serenity

Following your thermal adventure, cocoon yourself in cozy warmth and recline in one of our tranquil indoor or outdoor sanctuaries.

Here, your heartbeat will gradually return to its natural cadence, as the adrenaline gracefully exits the stage, making way for the soothing caress of endorphins. Your body and mind will luxuriate in a profound sense of relaxation.

Sip on revitalizing water to complete your rejuvenating journey.

Relaxation 20 minutes

thermotherapy relaxation

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